Tours in Development

Shirin Neshat (Iran) – Exhibition / Video Installation

Maakan Productions and Change Performing Arts (Milan) present, for the first time in Australia, the new monumental synthetic opus of the international Iranian artist Shirin Neshat, Women without Men, The work is inspired by the novel of the same title – banned in Iran – by Iranian writer Shahrnoush Parsipur.

The exhibition is composed of five video installations through which the artist narrates five parallel stories of women who come from different social classes and who, through different paths, meet in a garden in the town of Karaj. The common element that connects the five characters – the unmarried teacher Mahdokht, the young prostitute Zarin, the two unmarried friends Munis and Faezeh, and the middle-class Farokh Legha – is their struggle for freedom and survival in a regime of strict rules, prohibitions and guilt in relation to the social behaviour and the personal self-determination of women. The narrative, as in Parsipur`s novel, unfolds in an atmosphere of magic realism.

Shirin Neshat was born in 1957 in Kazvin, Iran. In 1979, at the age of 17, she went to the US where she studied at University of Berkeley, California. She exhibited her works for the first time during the early ’90s in New York. During the years 1993-1997 she created the well-known series of photographs, Women of Allah. In 1996, she started using 16 mm and 35 mm film, which she transferred to video, and three years later she started creating double-projection installations. In 1999, she received the First International Prize at the XLVIII Venice Biennale for her enthralling double-projection installation Turbulent, followed by international participations in large-scale international exhibitions and solo presentations in contemporary art museums.

If you are an Australian presenter please contact Maakan for more information.

Torque Show (Australia) – Immersive Theatre

BE PREPARED is a work that directly engages with climate change and sustainability. An immersive theatre piece, it allows the audience to choose whether to be a passive observer or active participant, very much in the style of the pioneers of this genre, Punchdrunk (UK).

As the Scouts say “Always Be Prepared to do the right thing at the right moment”. The perfect catch cry for climate change in the world today!

Using the seemingly non-threatening frame of the scout movement, the work explores the notions of civic responsibility and civil disobedience. So take up the call and Be Prepared!

Originally commissioned by the Malthouse Theatre (Melbourne) and TippingPoint Australia, the work culture jams the Scouts to create a training experience for audiences to become activists for climate change. This live art work occurs in two parts:

  1. A training experience for climate change activism in the spirit of the Scouts (The Show).
  2. A climate change Action. The audience who attended the show’s/training are invited to become part of the Action

Exercising this right to protest may be our single most dynamic engagement with democracy and social change in contemporary society.

The work premiered in Goolwa, South Australia in late 2012. We are currently in discussions about presentations in 2014 and beyond. Please contact Maakan if you would like to discuss the presentation of this work in Australia or internationally from 2014.