In Development

Working title Road Trip / Nullabor

Maakan is the creative producer of this new circus work. Collaborating with writer & director Sally Richardson & Derek Ives (Circus Oz and Candy Butchers) the story is based on the hopes and dreams of a disparate group of five yound Aussies. Bored, uncertain, harassed by their parents to get a job and get a life, each wants to escape their situation and the sense of dead end daily repetition and routine. The idea of the road, the outback, unlimited space and freedom beckons. It is their time to fly…falling in and out of love as they fall in and out of the car, it will be a journey they will never forget.

Interlaced with this experience are stories and encounters with diverse characters and situations. Always there is a thirst to chase the moment and the experience. Our story and perspective shifts and changes, altering from passenger to passenger. What is it that we wanted in making the trip? And is that what we get? What we definitely know is we want to have fun!

The work features bold physical character roles created by vibrant, individual performers. Our team can sing, dance, and play music in addition to being highly skilled circus artists. Acrobatics, juggling, contemporary choreography, bodies and objects, all go flying!

The original development took place at the Arts Centre and Substation in Melbourne.